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How to solve the fastener problems facing China?

Editor:HAIYAN GETE HARDWARE CO.,LTD │ Release Time:2019-06-20 

For passenger cars, the introduction of branded cars accounts for more than 80% of China's auto consumption. However, according to the high-strength standard parts editor, many of these brand-name luxury cars are actually assembled on domestic production lines, and more than 60% of the fasteners on the cars are imported from abroad. The standard parts exported by our country sell for only 1,200 US dollars per ton in the international market, while the prices of some high-grade fasteners imported are as high as 8000-10500 US dollars per ton, a difference of 7-8 times. It is precisely because of the lack of independent intellectual property rights and brands of Chinese automotive fasteners that the Chinese fastener market has played an embarrassing situation as a wedding dress for the world's fastener giants.

Among the imported car models, foreign investors invested 30% and owned about 50% of the shares, but took away 70% of the profits, while Chinese companies could only get 30% of the profits. One is because the intellectual property rights of fastener products belong to foreign parties, and the other objective reason is that there are indeed certain problems in the stability of our fastener products, as well as brand factors. Another example is China's pump and valve industry. Huang Zuoxing, president of the Wenzhou Pump and Valve Industry Association, used this metaphor to say: Once a valve of a railway car was pulled out, it sold for 1 million yuan. Now 2 valves can sell 1 million yuan. The increase in scientific and technological content will greatly increase corporate profits.

There is a long way to go. China's hardware industry wants to become bigger and stronger, and it is a long and difficult road to go from being a big manufacturing country in the world to being a big brand country. To strengthen technological innovation and attach importance to brand building, China's hardware industry urgently needs to set off a storm of innovation.

What is the image of Chinese-made hardware products on the stage of the international market? China's hardware manufacturing products can be said to be number one in the world in terms of quantity, but the lack of industrial brands and innovations restrict their competitiveness in the international market. There are many old hardware companies that have not innovated technology for decades, nor established their own brands, and it is difficult to maintain their place in a competitive society in a price war. Want to strengthen the position of Chinese hardware products in the industry and competitiveness in the international market, only good brand building and technological innovation, nothing else.

Companies that want to make the industry bigger and stronger must make a fuss about brand development. Find out the reasons for brand development and corresponding solutions. Strengthen the upgrading of metal products for railway and rail transit products. Only by possessing excellent products and technologies and establishing your own brand can you dominate the terminal market.

The industrial brand image and brand industrialization of a country determine the brand value of the country in the world. Some brand products from the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries and regions still occupy a dominant position in the international market. In terms of long-term development, China needs to start domestic demand, especially consumer demand, change the mode of economic growth, and change the growth mode driven by exports in the past. If China's hardware industry wants to become bigger and stronger, it must transform from manufacturing in China to creating in China.